VAN IN is the largest educational publisher in Belgium. Thanks to the enthusiastic commitment of our 180 employees and many more authors, we offer innovative education and high-quality teaching materials, both in Flanders and in the French speaking community, for primary, secondary and higher education. All our learning solutions attest to our practical view on education and our expertise in the latest digital and didactic trends.

We firmly believe in education and innovative learning solutions. We support teachers to bring out the best in themselves, and in their students; and we do it with a smile, because we have a thing for happy pupils and teachers!

VAN IN is a leader in the educational market (both folio and digital), and plays an important role in helping to achieve 'the education of tomorrow', when differentiated education is becoming increasingly important. That is why we continue to invest in quality content and in digital learning platforms that enable personalised learning.

We have been developing digital learning solutions since 1998 and have pioneered since then with adaptive learning in a gamified environment. This resulted in different awards for our digital learning platforms over the years: the International Education Learning Resources Award, the golden medal of the Comenius Edumedia Awards, Data News IT Project award and we also got nominated for the Trend Digital Pioneer Award.



One of VAN IN’s most successful solutions is its digital learning platform
‘Bingel’. We launched Bingel in 2010 and today we see more than 1,5 million educational exercises made each day and a market share of 86% of the Belgian primary schools. Bingel is very much known and appreciated by its users.


In 2015 we launched Diddit, the most used motivia digital learning platform for secondary education in Belgium, that optimally supports teachers and students.


We keep on innovating and developed the learning platforms Wazzou and Udiddit for the French speaking community and Blend for higher education. 


We are proud to be working on the education of today and tomorrow!