Growing our positive impact across Europe

Over the years we have grown into the company we are now, where we help shape the future of education every day. Our learning companies each possess a rich history, where they help students learn for more than 100 years. Learn more about the Sanoma Learning transformation through the years!


In this year, Sanoma Italy and Stark Verlag became part of our educational family. Sanoma Italy, formerly Pearson Italy, is one of the leading providers of learning materials for secondary education in Italy and it has a leading position in certain subjects, including philosophy and literature. Under its strong local brands, Sanoma Italy offers schools, teachers and students recognised and reputable high-quality learning materials. 

Stark Verlag brings a small and interesting addition to our niche services in the German education market in exam preparation.

Sanoma Learning will now serve more than 25 million K12 students in 12 countries.


Santillana Spain, a leading company in learning materials, has been acquired and joined our educational family. With a maintained focus on providing K-12 learning materials, key to Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary and Vocational Training education in Spain with opportunities for growth with upcoming curriculum renewals and digitalisation.


Sanoma acquires Iddink Group, a leading Dutch educational platform and service provider, and enters the integrated digital educational platform business for secondary and vocational education. Iddink Group provides Sanoma with a strong platform for future growth in the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain.

In this year Sanoma also acquires itslearning, an international provider of award-winning cloud-based learning platforms. With both acquisitions Sanoma Learning will serve about 15 million students across Europe and employ a large pool of top European ed-tech talents.

Also in this year, Sanoma acquires Clickedu, one of the leading providers of digital educational platforms in Spain. Clickedu offers its customers both a school administration system and a digital learning environment and serves around 450 schools mainly in Spain, but also in Latin America and UK. In Spain, Clickedu is the leading provider of educational platforms in the Catalonia area.

Educational publisher Malmberg, a Sanoma Learning company, announces the acquisition of educational publisher Essener. Essener is the specialist in teaching methods in social studies in secondary schooling in the Netherlands. The acquisition allows Malmberg to further expand its offering for the societal subjects.


Sanoma has acquired the K-12 educational publishing activities of Group De Boeck in Belgium. De Boeck is integrated with VAN IN, Sanoma Learning’s existing operations in Belgium, thereby further strengthening Sanoma’s offering of high quality learning solutions.


Tammi Oppimateriaalit was acquired and merged with the Finnish educational publisher Sanoma Pro. The Swedish educational publisher Bonnier Utbildning was acquired and renamed Sanoma Utbildning.


In this year the Polish educational publisher Nowa Era was acquired and joined our educational family. 


Sanoma expands its learning business in Europe by acquiring Malmberg in the Netherlands and VAN IN Belgium. Sanoma acquires the majority of shares (55.1%) of the Polish digital education solutions provider Young Digital Planet.


Sanoma Corporation merges with book publisher Werner Söderström. SanomaWSOY is established. This marks the starting point of our Learning business.