Supporting the school administration workflow 

Through our deep understanding of teachers and school needs, we create high impact learning solutions for today and tomorrow.  Get inspired by a selection of our administration workflow platforms. 


Magister is the platform that gives schools flesh and feet on their educational vision through optimal support and efficiency in the work and learning process. As a student or parent, the App gives you access to the latest information from the timetable, your results, teaching materials and all communication from school anytime and anywhere. Teachers have a digital learning environment that connects seamlessly with methods, digital content, tests, the student tracking system (LVS) and student administration (LAS). Schools can more easily manage and account for insights from administrative processes.


Due to the further digitization of education, flexibilization will also occur, which makes the opportunities for personalized education possible. Magister offers one learning platform where students can find all their personal learning routes, where monitoring dashboards provide cross-curricular insight into student progress, and where teachers are smartly facilitated to prepare context-rich teaching materials.


At VULCAN, we have combined the experience of many years of work in the development of education with varied competences and a strong passion for modern technologies. Thanks of this, we have been supporting teachers and schools in education management for over 30 years. We ensure the improvement of everyday processes in educational units, local governments or shared service centers. We create integrated educational systems as part of projects and IT systems tailored to the needs of our clients. 


Clickedu offers its customers both a school administration system and a digital learning environment. Essentially, all the day-to-day management of the teaching staff, reports for students, is solved with Clickedu. You can add schedules, put notes and create evaluation formulas or personalized reports for children, have access to students' files, maintain class control - all accessed from the same screen in the learning environment - do roll call, inform the dining room, pay attention to diversity; these are just some of a long list of tools that everyone will see as indispensable after three months with Clickedu. Furthermore, there will be no routine work to adhere to, since with Clickedu the tutor will have all the information about what happens in any other classes just by accessing the tutorial management module.