The products of Sanoma Learning offer a wide range of blended learning solutions. 

Our portfolio of learning methods covers almost all subjects in each of our core markets. Our products and services engage and motivate pupils to discover and learn to achieve the best possible learning outcomes. We offer printed and digital learning materials as well as digital learning and teaching platforms for K12, ie primary, secondary and vocational education, and aim to grow and increase our positive impact on learning across Europe. 

Get inspired by a selection of our popular digital and printed learning methods!

Milli series

Milli revolutionizes the teaching of mathematics!

The Milli series will be used to build a strong foundation for the math skills of the future during primary school. The keywords in Milli are strengthening the concept of reading, developing thinking skills, and practicing math in a meaningful way. Milli’s functional exercises support the emergence of genuine understanding and diversify the practice.

The Milli series has been developed in collaboration with teachers to provide the best tools for everyday school life. One of the biggest challenges in classroom situations is the large differences in the levels of students, and that is why Milli has invested in differentiation tools. There are also a wide range of tools available for ongoing evaluation. Milli lives in time and is constantly evolving, offering the best tools for learning math.

Planeta Nowa

Poland’s most popular series for geography in primary schools. Enriched with innovative didactic solutions, it is both easy-to-use and efficient,  in terms of skills and knowledge implementation. Teachers working with “Planeta Nowa” gain access to numerous e-solutions via portal and other platforms. These e-solutions include i.e. diagnostic tests at the beginning and at the end of school-year. Students appreciate unique visual attractiveness of the method as well as its varied character filled with interesting-facts, appealing infographics and gripping travel relations. 

Biologie voor Jou

For decades, Biologie voor Jou has been the most widely used biology method in the Netherlands. Biologie voor Jou (Biology for You) is an exciting method that allows students to work independently at their own level thanks to the strict structure and customized approach. Pupils learn to understand the cohesion between different organization levels. In addition, students discover biological characteristics through experimental research via a practical learning route.

Challenge students, let them discover the beauty and fun of biology!


Bingel is the adaptive all-round platform for primary education where teachers and pupils are central. Bingel assists the teacher in achieving his or her main goal: getting the best learning outcomes for each pupil. Its different modules support the teacher not only by offering the best quality teaching materials, but also by offering a range of time-saving solutions on planning, preparing, coaching and assessing. Pupils in Belgium, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands love Bingel as their gamified learning platform for every-day use. Their personal avatar joins them while they’re learning and adapted practicing, with which they earn virtual money (pingping) that can be used for buying avatar accessories or games.


PRISMAS is Santillana's new digital learning platform for the Secondary School of the 21st century.

A dynamic and motivating tool for an innovative school, connected, that asks questions, that seeks information and is collaborative, that promotes academic and personal growth and self-esteem of students.

A digital project that responds to the heterogeneity of the classrooms, where people who advance at different learning paces or learn in different ways coincide with class groups with different learning objectives.


Kampus is a digital platform used at this moment by Sanoma Pro and Sanoma Utbildning for secondary education teachers and students. In Kampus you can find all of the Sanoma digital learning materials and tools for lower and upper secondary and vocational education in the Finnish and Swedish markets.


For teachers, Kampus offers a wide range of different tools that save time and enable to focus more on individual student needs. Kampus provides a clear view for monitoring student progress, while providing feedback in a seamless process. For students, Kampus is a tool optimized for consuming content, completing exercises, and turning in homework. They are able to track their own progress and ensure that their individual learning goals are met.