Allow teachers to excel at what they do best

Education technology is at a crossroads: taking us from smart to intelligent solutions and classrooms across Europe are evolving rapidly. Embracing this evolution with the passion and curiosity that shapes our work, we are leading the digital transformation of education in Europe with advanced multi-channel learning solutions. By combining our educational technologies and pedagogical expertise, we want to create learning products and services with the highest learning impact.

Discover some great examples of our teacher workflow platforms.  


Magister is the market leader in educational and user-friendly software for secondary education. With our products and services, we serve almost 480 schools in the Netherlands. Every day, we help teachers and students smoothly through their school day.


The functionality of this educational platform consists of administrative processing of student data, grades and presence and absence. In addition, the educational process is supported with functionalities such as day schedules, lesson dashboard, digital learning, management reports and student tracking system.


The itslearning platform provides educators with a broad range of functionalities and key tools via one secure login. Our cloud-based platform helps teachers personalize education for every learner with tools such as ‘learning paths’ - a sequence of steps to guide students towards a learning goal. Another great asset of our platform is that users have full access, from basic tools to advanced LMS features, right from Day 1.


Our Product team collaborates closely with teachers to create time-saving and easy to use features that complement how teachers want to teach. Our focus is to make it easy for teachers and students to create content, communicate and collaborate. We integrate with hundreds of learning apps through LTI - so teachers can ‘customize’ itslearning to their preferred way of teaching. We also take data security seriously and are both GDPR and ISO 27001 compliant.


Bingel supports school teams (management, teachers, ICT & care coordinators and whoever combines these roles) with their extensive range of tasks and pupils with their learning. We support teachers during and after class so they can save time for the most important thing: class fun and time for individual coaching. By digitizing and personalizing instruction with Bingel Board Books and Board Lessons, letting the students practice on the Bingel Islands and differentiate via the Bingel differentiation module, planning and monitoring via Bingel Planner, Bingel Care and Bingel Evaluation, Bingel supports the school team in every aspect of the teacher flow.


(In Wallonia we named this platform Wazzou)