Providing meaningful insights into the development of knowledge and talent

Our testing services provide students to become reach their potential and become who they are, with trusted, valid and fun tests. Meaningful information provide access to the right insights for schools, making well-considered decisions saving more time for education. 

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Bureau ICE

Bureau ICE is an expert in the development of tests and examinations and has been developing method-independent tests for more than 30 years. Their roots lie in the domain of NT2; Dutch as a second language. Within this framework, they still develop civic integration exams and state exams for various language skills, commissioned by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. Bureau ICE also develops pupil monitoring systems, tests and exams for primary , secondary and vocational education.

Their tests not only measure cognitive skills, but also socio-emotional development and creative ability.

The Implementation Group

The Implementation Group develops practical and interactive dashboard and analysis solutions for education and its chain partners. Our management and control information solutions make it possible to substantiate decisions and to monitor progress.

TIG monitors daily performance at all possible levels and for every process. This requires data from many internal and external sources to be converted into control information. In this way, our customers receive up-to-date information at their disposal at any time with a single mouse click. They no longer have to wait for reports to be created and they themselves decide which information is available to whom. This gives our customers a reliable foundation for optimal business operations.