Santillana has been promoting education in Spain for over sixty years and has a wide range of projects for each educational stage (Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary, High School and Vocational Training) and teaching area; always with the aim of ensuring consistency between teaching practice and the curriculum.

It offers teachers the solution that best suits their methodology and numerous materials that help them effectively in their daily work: textbooks, digital projects, teaching guides, reinforcement and extension workbooks, curricular programs and classroom materials.

Construyendo mundos

Construyendo mundos

New globalized early childhood education project. A material that trains children into participatory, responsible, supportive and committed citizens.

Teo, Max and Lina are the main characters and they will find solutions to problems while having fun and learning, putting together a magic ring.

Construyendo mundos helps develop skills to understand and act on the world, values ​​of non-discrimination and attitudes of openness and respect towards differences.


It is based on neuroeducation and meaningful learning environments, because without surprise and emotion there is no learning. 

Without surprise and without emotion there is no learning.



ECOS is an educational proposal based on a set of learning and service projects for Secondary School aimed at achieving a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). 

ECOS works as a mobilizer and presents an action plan aimed at making the planet's sustainability possible according to the 2030 UN Agenda, building a better world from the school environment. 

It has a participatory and active methodology that considers students as part of a society with civic responsibilities and capable of improving their environment. Elaborating

learning and service projects we encourage students to become true agents of change as they develop a critical flexible and creative thinking. 

If you don’t have all the information, you can’t have a critical opinion. Because only by knowing the world can we change it.



PRISMAS is Santillana's new digital learning platform for the Secondary School of the 21st century.

A dynamic and motivating tool for an innovative school, connected, that asks questions, that seeks information and is collaborative, that promotes academic and personal growth and self-esteem of students.

A digital project that responds to the heterogeneity of the classrooms, where people who advance at different learning paces or learn in different ways coincide with class groups with different learning objectives.

Santillana's new digital secondary school.