Our values define our collaborative culture – the Sanoma Way

Our values are an integral part of our way-of-working in Sanoma and what we stand for. They steer how we do business and define what others can expect from us. We use them to guide our behaviour, our actions, our decisions, and the way we collaborate with our colleagues and our customers day-to-day. ​​​​​​​
  • Look ahead

We always look ahead. We are eager to know what is around the corner. We are future oriented.

  • Share views

We share, and urge others to share views, opinions and experiences. We speak up.

  • Engage people

We engage, involve and activate people with things that matter to them.

  • Make it happen

We make it happen and aim to create an impact every day. We are agile.​​

Our values are what makes us Sanoma. We use them to drive our success, now and in the future. ​​​​​​​