How to engage all pupils in a heterogenous classroom, offering them equal and personalised learning opportunities? How to create a motivating and enriching learning environment that supports the local curriculum? This is where our digital learning platform Bingel steps in.

Classrooms have a diverse representation of pupils from different backgrounds, with different learning preferences, needs and abilities. Our gamified learning platform Bingel is designed to support the individual learning path of each pupil and to enhance inclusiveness. The platform brings a welcomed change to learning in schools and at home – helping to engage and motivate pupils and, at the same time, improve their learning outcomes through personalisation and differentiation.

Bingel was launched in 2011 by VAN IN, our learning company in Belgium. The digital platform used in primary education can easily be adapted to local needs and local curriculum, and used with any learning material . Thanks to its adaptiveness, Bingel is today widely used across Europe, in the various markets where Sanoma Learning supports students, teachers and schools. Solely in Belgium, more than 1.3 million educational exercises are completed in Bingel each day.

Each school year has its own ‘island’ in Bingel, and exercise levels are adjusted automatically to the learning levelof each individual child. The teacher can choose from three different exercise levels to select the right level for either the whole class, group of pupils or individual pupil. Pupils do not see each other’s exercises which supports independent learning and learning at one’s own pace.

For teachers, Bingel provides insight into the individual learning needs of each pupil – with just one mouse click. It provides teachers with extra tools to personalise and monitor pupils’ progress, and to give feedback, additional exercises or homework according to the abilities and needs of each pupil.

Supporting inclusiveness in Flanders through specific Bingel modules
In Flanders, Belgium, an inclusive learning decree (M Decree) from 2015 obliges schools to be inclusive: including children with learning disabilities and different cognitive abilities in heterogeneous classes of regular schools. To support this goal and to help each pupil excel, VAN IN has further designed new Bingel modules for differentiation and streamlining teacher workflows.

Want to learn more? Watch the short video on Bingel 

This article is part of a series introducing examples of products and services from our Learning businesses across Europe. Sanoma aims to develop inclusive learning following Sanoma´s Sustainability Strategy.

VAN IN is the largest educational publisher in Belgium, offering innovative education and high-quality teaching materials, both in Flanders and in the French speaking community, for primary, secondary and higher education. VAN IN is part of the Sanoma Learning business unit within Sanoma Group, serving over 20 million students in 11 countries.